About Vanda Serrador

vandaVanda Serrador is one of the world’s leading facialists.

Based in the heart of London in Mayfair, Vanda’s philosophy and unique approach to beauty and wellbeing has attracted a devoted following and she is favoured by royals, beauty editors, celebrities, socialities and women from all over the world. Some say that her hands are magical or, that her treatments have astonishing effects and that she has helped put their skin, health and lifestyles into perspective.  Vanda has grown a reputation for innovation in the beauty service and is constantly on the lookout for the most innovative and exciting ingredients on the market, seeking out the best and most effective for her clientele.

“My interest in skincare happened literally by accident! When I was 17 years old I was involved in a car accident and was left with severe scarring to the right side of my face. At the time, my mother told me about the use and properties of traditional aromatherapy oils. We prepared an oil blend and every day we applied and massaged it onto the scars. Today, I have no scarring on my face.  This early experience triggered a strong curiosity and passion for skincare. I learned to fuse various skin products together for each and every skin need. Over time, this also taught me about people’s individual connections with their skin. I wanted to share this knowledge and when I moved to London I founded Urban Skin. I designed a vast range of signature treatments to combat the effects commonly associated with the city and to help clients deal with signs of stress, pollution and cocktail-party-lifestyles. My aim is to redress urban skin that often can look dull, dehydrated, show signs of fatigue and bring skin back to optimal condition, repairing existing damage and help it defend itself against future aging. I am truly passionate about passing on information that works inside and out. Our face is not only the mirror of our soul but in most cases it also allows us to see how well we have been looking after our bodies and minds.”

Vanda Serrador travels around the world as a beauty and wellbeing expert to teach and advise how best to achieve great skin and live healthier lifestyles, which she believes, is all very much connected. Vanda also works as an expert columnist for various magazines, newspapers and online publications. Along the years, she has contributed to top companies like Procter & Gamble and Loreal and she is currently the Brand Ambassador of The Body Shop, working as the facialist and body care expert. Vanda’s fascination with the process of transformation and enhancement of the skin has led her to develop several acclaimed beauty treatments such as the much-celebrated Bespoke Urban Skin Facial and the Urban Festive Facial Formula as well as the worldwide renowned Revitalising Dance Facial Workout.

“Be the alchemist of your own skincare ritual, take the time to acknowledge yourself.” – Vanda Serrador