Bespoke Facials


Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and beautiful with a bespoke facial from Beauty Director Vanda Serrador.

When passion, skill and expertise come together – magic happens! Some say that a facial treatment with Vanda is a journey, that her hands are magical or, that her treatments have astonishing effects and she has helped put their skin, health and lifestyles into perspective.

Relax, indulge and let the stresses and strains of your day simply melt away with a bespoke facial from Urban Skin. Unlike other salons, your facial is as unique as you are. Mastering the art of fusing various skin products, (pls add) each treatment is designed exclusively to match your particular skin type and condition. Which means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you and your skin is receiving the very best.

When you book in for your first facial you’ll receive your very own personalised skin consultation. During this intimate, friendly and fully professional meeting you get your opportunity to discuss your individual skin concerns. This will ensure that you get the best possible facial treatment to match your own requirements.

The deluxe fully bespoke facials include:

Bespoke Urban Skin Facial

£125 (45min) £170 (1hour) £215 90min)

Your facial combines a vast range of fully branded beauty products (including divine French brand Yon-Ka) with Vanda’s own unique and instinctive styled blend of oils. You’ll feel relaxed and your skin rejuvenated.

Urban Après Sun Facial

£215 (90min)

The Urban Après Sun Facial is designed to purge the impact of environmental factors such as sun, seawater, air and conditioners on your skin. Harnessing itself against future ageing and risk of sun and photo damage. A unique combination of method and ingredients will repair your holiday skin back in to shape by deeply restoring vitality and elasticity.

Urban Festive Formula Facial

£255 (1hour)

This treatment treats not only the face but also the hands, shoulders, feet and décolleté. The hands are painted with hot paraffin wax while both feet are pampered with a glorious warm stone massage. A glycolic peel is applied to remove hard skin and get both feet fit for wearing party heels. The facial includes deep cleansing, extraction plus an eye and décolleté mask to regenerate puffy skin as well as tone and invigorate. The treatment ends with a vigorous shoulder massage.

Urban Teen Facial

£125 (45min)

The ideal first step towards child skin care. A bespoke foamy, fruit filled facial that gently cleanses and pampers your child’s sensitive skin. This is then followed by a soothing massage and moisturisation. Your child will feel utterly relaxed and pampered.

Urban Man Facial

£170 (1hour) £215 (90min)
This treatment is the ideal way to stay youthful and to promote a long lasting radiance – as well as feeling pampered and relaxed. This treatment has been developed exclusively for men, to purify, restore and rejuvenate his face to provide a real burst of energy. His skin will feel balanced and softened. Perfect. You can indulge for one hour for £150 or 90 minutes for £195.

Clarifying Back Treatment

£180 (1hour)

A perfect way to feel relaxed and rebalanced. This intensive cleansing treatment utilises a rotating brush for those hard to reach areas. A galvanic vacuum is then used to maximise the properties of each ingredient. Then, for optimum relaxation a hot stone massage is applied. To finish a customised mask is applied to leave your back smooth and clear.