Skin Peels

Who else wants brighter, fresher, younger skin? Both in look and feel.

Your skin is under constant attack. Attack from the elements. Attack from chemicals in the air. Attack from the ravages of time. Attack from harmful UV rays. All of which, can cause your skin to lose its natural youthful look.

Now you can take action against these attacks. Action that can give your skin a brighter, fresher look and feel. You can choose from a full range of skin peels from Urban Skin. Peels that can be applied to any area of your body. These include:

Urban Green Peel

£300 (1hour)

This extraordinary 5-day intensive herbal peeling process is designed to promote your natural process of cell renewal by encouraging the production of new cells and collagen fibres. The herbal peel is a compound of pure plant extracts (Herbs, Algae, Minerals, Enzymes & Vitamins), free of any chemical or synthetic additives and can be used to treat any needed area of the body.

Urban Mini Green Peel Facial

£150 (1hour)

Ideal for all skin types. Using a diluted blend of herbs, this lighter peel instantly promotes exfoliation and skin rejuvenation for fresh and healthy skin. No peeling process.

Freshup Treatment

£100  (45 minutes) – Course of 6 £500

Regenerate and revitalise your skin. Especially designed to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The Freshup treatment is a quick skin softener for callused or impure skin. A course of 6 of these fabulous treatments can be taken with at least one week apart.

Mela White

£100 (1hour) – Course of 6 £500

Perfect for hyper pigmentation and discolouration. This treatment will help clear and clarify the skin. Especially effective on dark patches from sun damage and scarring. A course of six treatments is recommended for truly effective results.