Threading and Eye Treatments

Get access to truly dazzling eyes

Did you know that your eyes are the ‘frame’ to your face? Your eye lashes and eyebrows are oh so important to maintain a beautiful you. Untidy eyebrows and lacking lashes are not only unsightly but can also leave you feeling just a little bit down.

Say ‘goodbye’ to lack lustre lashes with eye specialist treatments from Urban Skin.

You can say ‘hello’ to simply dazzling eyes. You’ll feel more self-confident and more self-assured knowing your eyes are truly looking their very best.


Give yourself the perfect eyebrow shape with threading. Threading has superior beauty-enhancing benefits and is far more enjoyable than tweezing. By removing your eyebrow hairs to the follicle your hair grows back finer and more sparsely, making this one of the longest-lasting hair-removal techniques; and the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatised in the process. Get the great look you’re looking for.

Eyebrow £40 (15 min)
Sides of the Face £35 (15 min)
Upper Lip £30  (15min)
£20 (15 min)


Eyelash and eyebrow tinting will give greater definition to these important areas of your face.

Eyelash Tint £30 (15 min)
Brow Tint £25 (15 min)



If you suffer from very short eyelashes, perhaps due to illness, then the newly arrived eyelash extensions are just for you. This latest technology applies one eyelash extension at a time to your existing eyelashes. This will give you longer, fuller and very natural looking eyelashes.

If you book in advance you can have this treatment in the comfort of your own home. A full set of lashes will take 2 hours to be applied professionally and costs just £150. Alternatively in one hour you can have half lashes applied for £75 or a top up for £65.

Lashes Full Set £150 (2 hours)
Lashes Half £75 (1 hour)
Top ups £65 (1 hour)
Eyelash Perming £55 (45min)